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 Here is How I Can Help You:

I’m a speaker, teacher, coach and spiritual director. My columns and essays challenge readers to think about events, culture, community –and themselves –from a new perspective. I present at conferences, faith communities, and at corporate and community events. As a creativity coach I work with writers and artists to begin, complete and market their work. As a spiritual director I help people find meaning, connection, perspective and encouragement–especially those identifying as “spiritual but not religious”, atheist, agnostic or who are active in recovery.

I’m a writing teacher. I teach writing in many settings including schools, healthcare programs, businesses and churches. My writing workshops are for people who want to tell their stories, plays or poems, or use writing as a therapeutic tool. I also help employees use language well and communicate more effectively.  I enjoy serving as a Visiting Writer in schools, businesses, faith communities, and in healthcare settings.

I’m a coach and consultant. I am an Arbinger Trained Coach and I offer life coaching and creativity coaching. I work with women and men who want to transform their relationship to work or who want to find their right work, or begin creative work to achieve their dreams. I deliver workshops for schools, faith communities, businesses and nonprofits. I can provide one-on-one mentoring or coaching for you or  your staff members. I can teach you how to stop fear from stopping you. I’ll help you dismantle blocks: time, people, habits and distractions so you can begin your creative work and achieve your goals.

I work with nonprofit and for-profit organizations. I can help with board training, development assessment, staff training and coaching. I can help you preserve an employee who is slipping, and I can coach a staff member in performance areas that their direct manager just can’t reach. I deliver inspiring workshops, retreats and keynotes for  staff or clients.

Some of the Programs  I have recently provided: Getting Started Writing, Writing for Caregivers, Love in the Time of Cancer, Caregiving 101  and Workshops  for Businesses: Creativity & Communication, Effective Communication and Listening, and Working Effectively from Home.   For more information contact me at: DianeOCameron@gmail.com or call me at 518-269-2255.