Work With Me

I am a writer, teacher, speaker, consultant and spiritual coach focusing on communication, creativity and recovery. I am a member of the Arbinger Coaches Network, and I work with individuals, groups and organizations. There are many ways that we can work together. Here are some examples:

  • I will help you discover your spiritual focus, find meaning and learn spiritual practices.
  • I will guide you to explore and focus your creativity—I’ll help you to begin and sustain a creative project—your book, play, painting or business.
  • I will help you start, finish and market your book.
  • I will help your work team think more creatively and communicate more effectively.
  • I will guide your family members to be more effective and healthier family caregivers.
  • I will help your organization grow and develop your employees with trainings on communication, creativity, leadership planning, Board development, and fundraising.
  • I will give an inspiring Keynote Talk for your annual meeting or provide a workshop for your conference or staff day.

These are just a few  of the ways that I can help you to achieve your spiritual, creative or professional  goals.

You can reach me at:

or call me: 518-269-2255

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