Out of the Woods

A place for women in recovery to read–and think–about longterm recovery and a life of joyous sobriety.

August 2006 – Present

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  • When we have been in recovery a long time—(in our “Out of the Woods” years)—we have done a lot of reading. Most likely we have worn copies of “The Big Book”, and “The Twelve […]
  • You know what it’s like to get your buttons pushed. No matter how long we are in recovery we can get tangled up. Suddenly in a conversation or a situation we are flooded […]
  • Yesterday I was doing a new Daily Om Tarot class with Gina Spriggs. As part of the “clearing” process she had us write down ten of our negative beliefs. Mine went like this: […]

Love in the Time of Cancer

If you have a loved one with cancer or if you are having a love affair with cancer—join me here.

July 2008 – Present

recent posts:

  • This morning I had “safe coffee” with a friend.  Safe coffee is one of our new practices where to be COVID safe we have coffee with a friend—outdoors, masked and six feet apart. Weird? […]
  • Life changes fast. It’s one of those things that we understand intellectually but don’t fully grasp until something big happens. Those of us in CancerLand know this. We have at least one memory of […]
  • We were on vacation in Northern Ontario. It was midnight in the little village and no cars had moved for hours. At the crosswalk I step into the intersection and feel a sudden tug […]

Work with Diane

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