Out of the Woods

A place for women in recovery to read–and think–about longterm recovery and a life of joyous sobriety.

August 2006 – Present

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  • When we have been in recovery a long time—(in our “Out of the Woods” years)—we have done a lot of reading. Most likely we have worn copies of “The Big Book”, and “The Twelve […]
  • You know what it’s like to get your buttons pushed. No matter how long we are in recovery we can get tangled up. Suddenly in a conversation or a situation we are flooded […]
  • Yesterday I was doing a new Daily Om Tarot class with Gina Spriggs. As part of the “clearing” process she had us write down ten of our negative beliefs. Mine went like this: […]

Love in the Time of Cancer

If you have a loved one with cancer or if you are having a love affair with cancer—join me here.

July 2008 – Present

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  • The doors of CancerLand thrown open. A great article in today's Wall Street Journal by Siddhartha Mukherjee--author of the bestseller: "The Emperor of All Maladies." one of the greatest books about cancer.Take a […]
  • This morning I had “safe coffee” with a friend.  Safe coffee is one of our new practices where to be COVID safe we have coffee with a friend—outdoors, masked and six feet apart. Weird? […]

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