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My newspaper columns appear in the Albany Times Union and other papers across the United States including: USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Tribune, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Baltimore Sun and more.

I also write one-time pieces for magazines like Cancer Today, Aging 55-Plus, and Renew Magazine.

I can also write your byline, help you write content for your newsletter or write opinion pieces for your cause.

Sample Columns & Essays

Be kind and show our real, imperfect faces

Photo by Riho Kitagawa on Unsplash A few months ago, I went on a spiritual retreat and on the first night the leader read Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” This Old Testament verse, is almost a mindfulness mantra now. But then, she went on to say, in...

The sheer marvel of flying still exhilarates

Like you, I’ve missed so many things during this pandemic: seeing friends, going shopping and dining out. But the thing I missed most is flying. Twice we had to postpone our trip to London, and we wondered when we’d get to make a hometown trip to Pittsburgh. The loss...

Women, age fiercely and full of life

I heard someone say it again today, “I just want to age gracefully.” And I lost it. What I lost — at long last — was my belief in this crazy idea that aging could be graceful. For just one minute I want to take up the other side of this madness: Aging is not, and...

Death ends a life, yes, but the relationship lives on

A t some point on Christmas morning the telephone rings and I always think happily, “Oh that’s Lar calling to say Merry Christmas.” That was our habit for all those years after we left home. Then, rising from chair or bed to grab the phone, I drop my hand. This cannot...

Beauty and style adorned in spirituality

A chill in the air and we move toward winter. In past years I’d be shopping now for boots and sweaters. With COVID that’s changed, but my ongoing internal debate remains: I want to look good — to be polished and professional. But part of my work is spiritual...

Grocery Carts and Community

It began as a joke. Each time we went grocery shopping I was annoyed to find shopping carts all over the lot and blocking so many parking spaces. I started to refer to them as “abandoned” and joked about “rescuing” them. I’d always returned my own cart because it was...

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